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Discover the Charm of Downtown with the "Taste of Redlands" Self-Guided E-Bike Tour


Welcome to the "Taste of Redlands," a unique self-guided e-bike tour designed to introduce you to the hidden gems of historic and quaint downtown Redlands. Whether you're a visitor, a new resident, or a local looking to explore in a new way, this tour offers a delightful experience for everyone. With an easy and accessible 5-mile route, you can explore the town at your own pace, stopping at iconic landmarks, eateries, and shops that make Redlands so special. And don't worry—if you prefer a more structured experience, guided tours are also available!

Why Choose an E-Bike Tour?

E-bikes offer the perfect blend of leisure and exercise, allowing you to cover more ground than walking but with less effort than traditional cycling. The "Taste of Redlands" tour is designed to be beginner-friendly, so you don't have to be an experienced cyclist to join in on the fun. And you can dress for a lunch and shopping excursion instead of wearing exercise clothes.

Bring Your Own or Rent One

You have the option to bring your own bike or rent an e-bike for the day. Our rental e-bikes come fully equipped with all the safety features, helmet lock, and a map to guide you through the tour.

Tour Map

Highlights of the Tour

Historic Landmarks

  • Redlands Bowl: Known for its summer music festival, this amphitheater is a cultural cornerstone of the community.

  • A.K. Smiley Public Library: This architectural marvel is more than just a library; it's a piece of Redlands history.

  • Packing House District: The historic Packing House District and surrounding area represent the hub of where old and new Redlands meet. See what's being built next.

  • Orange Blossom Trail: Take Orange Blossom Trail for a leisurely trip back to your starting point. Watch your speed, this trail is shared with pedestrians.

Culinary Stops

  • Olive Avenue Market: Perfect for grabbing a gourmet snack or a cup of artisanal coffee.

  • Caprice Café: A local favorite, offering a range of delicious meals that showcase the flavors of Redlands.

  • Escape Craft Brewery: A popular spot in the Packing House District to grab a snack and craft beer. Non-beer and non-alcoholic options available too.

Shopping and Art

  • State Street: Filled with boutique shops and art galleries, this is a great place to pick up a souvenir or simply enjoy window shopping.

  • Redlands Art Walk: If your tour coincides with the last Sunday of the month, you'll get to experience this vibrant art event.

  • Redlands Visitor Center: Shop for Redlands pride made my local artisans and learn about upcoming events.

Guided Tours Available

For those who prefer a more structured experience, don't want to have to worry about where and when to turn, or may not consider themselves an avid cyclist, guided tours are available. Led by local experts, these tours offer in-depth knowledge about the history and culture of Redlands.


The "Taste of Redlands" e-bike tour is more than just a ride; it's an experience that captures the essence of what makes downtown Redlands a must-visit destination. So grab your helmet, hop on an e-bike, and come explore the charming streets of Redlands. We promise it will be a day well spent!

How to Book

Ready to embark on this adventure? Visit our website or contact us directly to book your self-guided or guided "Taste of Redlands" e-bike tour today!

Whether you're new to the area or a lifelong resident, the "Taste of Redlands" is a fresh and exciting way to experience the best that downtown Redlands has to offer. We look forward to seeing you on the tour!

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