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Where Can I Ride it?

By: Summer Poletti

Sometimes we're asked where you could ride around here. And like many things e-bike related, it depends. What's your comfortability on a bike? How might you use it (fun, commute, errands)? What's your idea of fun? With whom might you ride? Where do you plan on riding? We'll dive into some basics, and then we'll start posting more rides featuring different locations and different bikes, so be sure to follow us on social media.

The never e-biker getting their first e-bike

First, there's no shame in going electric. This hills around here are no joke! Perhaps you want your first e-bike because you want a nice bike to ride to coffee or lunch on the weekend and you don't want to exercise all the time. Or maybe you ride a lot for exercise and it's starting to get harder to pedal up the hills, but you don't want to give up cycling. I can assure you that you're not alone! Both great reasons to get an e-bike. And the good news for you is that, for the most part, you can ride your e-bike the same places you ride your regular bike. Watch out for specific restrictions on Class of bike or speed limits. Beach boardwalks often have speed limits now, for the safety of pedestrians. Some trails or parks limit e-bikes to Class 1, pedal assist only (in other words, turn off your throttle if you have a Class 2 bike). If you have a bike that goes faster than 20 mph, you need to be extra careful. See our previous post on bike classifications for more information.

The person who hasn't ridden in years

If it's been a few years or even a few decades since you rode a bike, we hear that a lot too. Getting ready for retirement or already retired and you finally have time for fun again, a lot of you are picking up bikes again. And we are here for it! It's so much fun to ride bikes with your friends again! We have yet to see someone who forgot how to ride a bike. You will be wobbly at first, and starting/stopping will be tough until you get re-acquainted. You might feel more comfortable riding around your own neighborhood until you gain more confidence on your bike. Unless you live in my neighborhood, in which case, you might want to find a local park with some sidewalks, or a large parking lot after hours.

The commuter/errand runner

If you're getting your e-bike as a 2nd car, you're joining a growing number of people who don't see the point of burning gas for very short trips. My e-bike will pay for itself in about a year. You're probably going to want to try out a few different routes, especially for your commute. Riding around the streets on a bike feels very different than driving your car, and I try to avoid streets without a designated bike lane as much as possible. Unless it's a quiet residential street. Bikemap is an app I use sometimes - think of it like Waze for bikes. It will let you choose low, medium or high priority on routes with cycling paths. It might take you out of your way a little bit, but it will plan routes with more cycling paths or designated bike lanes, as opposed to the shortest routes that might have you riding busy streets. For example, in Redlands, it will send you on Orange Blossom Trail a lot.

The backyard adventurer

Are you someone who imagines you'll do a lot of your riding in and around the Inland Empire? The social media posts will feel like they're speaking to you. Be sure to watch as we explore the natural beauty in our own backyard. We've got lakes, mountains, regional and national parks, and we're not far from the beaches too. I will get out of the shop with a camera, but just for the audience of course.

The retired roadtripper

If you're retired or easing into retirement, the world is your oyster! Have an RV? Get a sturdy rack and take your e-bike with you. An e-bike is a great way to explore coastlines and national parks. Also a great way to get to coffee or dinner or buy groceries without having to unhook your rig. Or are you like me and you prefer to "rough it" at a nice hotel near an impressive landmark? E-bike rentals are available just about everywhere. And if you ride a Pedego, you're never far from a local dealer who can fix your bike should anything go wrong, or rent you one that feels familiar if you don't travel with your bike.


If you're curious, but unsure, we highly recommend renting an e-bike. Rent on a vacation or rent in your hometown. A great way to ensure you will use your investment. And we also know people who only rent when they want a fun adventure, knowing full well they won't use an e-bike often enough to justify the expense - or there's no place to store it at home. When I say that however you get outside and enjoy yourself, it's all good, I mean it. Do you.

Ready to rent a bike or test ride one? Come down and see us and an enthusiastic associate will help you find a good fit. Corner of Barton/Alabama in Redlands. Open Mon-Sat 11-5, Sun 11-4. Or you can book a private demo. Have fun out there!

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