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What if it Gets Stolen? Every E-bike Owner's Nightmare

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Have you been thinking about getting a fun e-bike, but the thought of someone stealing your pricey bike has you hesitating? Perhaps you've been thinking about getting the cheapest bike you can find just in case this happens. Well, in the world of e-bikes, this is a common conundrum. What if you could have a very nice e-bike AND a sense of security? Enter Pedego's Anti-Theft Protection Program – a feature that distinguishes our bikes from the run-of-the-mill offerings on the market. Let's deep dive into why this makes Pedego the top choice for discerning riders.

The Real Cost of an E-Bike: Looking Beyond the Price Tag

While bargain e-bike brands may tempt you with their wallet-friendly prices, it's essential to consider what's missing. It's not just about the bike; it's about the peace of mind. When you invest in a Pedego e-bike, you're not only getting a top-notch riding experience but also an assurance that your prized possession is protected against unforeseen mishaps. The 5-year warranty is a best-in-class security plan for Pedego owners, but what if the problems aren't mechanical? What if someone steals your bike?

Pedego's Anti-Theft Protection: A Closer Look

1. Embedded in the Warranty:** Our Anti-Theft Protection isn't an afterthought; it's seamlessly integrated into the Pedego Care 5-year warranty. However, it's worth noting that this doesn't cover Elements purchased before 1/01/2022 or our unique Pre-Loved models.

2. The Locks Matter: While legally we incorporate a few other qualified locks, the program's heart lies in the Pedego locks. Crafted with precision, they're designed to offer maximum security, and they also play a pivotal role in the replacement process.

3. Quick Registration and Purchase Window: To ensure maximum security, the qualified lock should be acquired within a week of the bike purchase. Your dealer will register it at the time of sale.

4. Replacement Criteria: For your bike to qualify for replacement, it needs to be appropriately locked during the unfortunate event of theft.

5. Efficient Replacement Process: If your bike plays a disappearing act and doesn't return within 30 days, a sparkling new, refurbished, or reconditioned Pedego bike will come to your rescue, ensuring you don't miss out on the riding fun.

6. Documentation for Replacement: Ensure you file a police report within 48 hours of the theft. Alongside this, proof of purchase, registration details, and evidence of the lock's defeat are prerequisites for the replacement process.

Redefining Value with Pedego

At Pedego, value isn't just in the upfront cost. It's in the assurance that, come what may, you're backed up by a brand that prioritizes your security and riding experience. The Anti-Theft Protection Program is a testament to this commitment.

The next time you find yourself comparing the cost of Pedego with cheaper alternatives, remember: with Pedego, you're not just buying a bike; you're investing in unmatched peace of mind. So, ride with pride, knowing that Pedego's always got your back!

For any queries, concerns, or to share your Pedego stories, feel free to drop a comment below or contact the shop. Have fun out there!

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