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Ride with Confidence: Discover Pedego's Quality, Best-in-Class Warranty, and Local Support

Jumping into the e-bike world? Overwhelmed with choices? You might be tempted to snag the most affordable option out there. However, let's pause and consider what you're truly investing in. Here's why choosing a Pedego e-bike from a local dealer isn't just a purchase, but a promise of long-term value and convenience.

A 5-Year Warranty Just For You Many e-bike brands, especially those you find online or in department stores, might lure you in with a lower price but only protect you with a 1 or 2-year warranty. Pedego wants to offer you more — a full 5-year warranty. Why? Because we believe in the quality we're delivering to you.

Imagine this: an unexpected issue pops up with your e-bike. With many brands, you'd be diving into your pockets, dreading the expense of replacing components like batteries or motors. But with Pedego's 5-year safety net? You can ride with peace of mind.

Your Local Pedego Dealer: Always Here For You There's a world of difference between clicking a "Buy Now" button online and walking into a store where someone knows your name. Here's what choosing local with Pedego offers you:

  1. Immediate Assistance: No endless waits for an email response. Pop into your Pedego store, and we're right there with solutions.

  2. No Guesswork: We've got a team ready to handle any issue you might face, so you can skip the DIY headaches or long drives to unfamiliar repair shops.

  3. Travel Without Worries: On the move and need assistance? There's probably a Pedego dealer just around the corner.

Since 2008: We've Withstood the Test of Time Pedego has been around since 2008, the dinosaur days of the e-bike industry! And some of those bikes are still on the roads today! What this means to you is that Pedego has withstood the test of time and you can trust that you'll be able to find parts or service for your Pedego as long as you own it.

Think Long-Term: It's About Value, Not Just Price Sure, at first glance, a Pedego e-bike might come with a slightly higher price tag. But think about potential repair costs, the hassle of seeking replacements, and the countless hours you might spend on customer support with other brands. Or worse, trying to find parts for a brand no longer in production. Over time, Pedego is the clear winner in terms of value.

Plus, with us, you're not just buying a bike; you're joining the Pedego family. We'll be here for maintenance, advice, and ensuring your e-biking journey is smooth from start to finish.

The Convenience You Deserve Life's too short for unnecessary hassles. With Pedego, you get:

  • Quick, no-fuss service.

  • Local experts always ready to help.

  • A North American network of dealers for those adventurous travels.

Wrapping Up When you're pondering your e-bike choices, remember: sometimes, the cheaper option can end up costing more in the long run. With Pedego, you're not just picking a bike; you're securing quality, reliability, local support, and years of hassle-free riding. So, are you ready to make a choice that will keep you smiling every mile of your journey?

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