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Happy Thanksgiving!

By: Summer Poletti

It's the first Thanksgiving after opening the shop and there's much for which to be thankful. You can read about it or if you prefer, skip straight to the delectable holiday deals.

Customers who have become friends

When you come on our rides, trust us to tune up your bike, or buy your bike here, you feel part of a family to me. Many of you started out as a rider or a customer and are now someone I consider a friend. You might not know it, but to a brand new business, each transaction gives me hope. This dream is still new, and each time someone chooses to do business with my shop, it feels like I might be able to succeed in this adventure. Running a new business is hard work and I'm more grateful than you could ever know. This Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for you!

My own family

Those of you who are part of the shop's family are probably aware that when I post something online that says "we", I usually mean me. While it's true that I do most of the work in the shop, my family has had to pick up the slack at home. I'm not pulling down an income right now, so Mr. Poletti has had to be the sole provider for the first time. And since I work in the shop every day, he and Little Poletti have been doing more of the chores around the house and yard. And they still believe in me even when it's been a rough week and I doubt myself. Could not do this without their moral support!

The community

We live in the best community! Working with local nonprofits and other small businesses has been wonderful. A perfect example is our Cranksgiving ride, in which local businesses and residents came together to help families in need this holiday season. Looking forward to doing more good like this in the year to come. Incidentally, our ride made national press. We weren't named specifically, but our picture in front of the Redlands Visitor Center was used in the article for Bicycle Retailer. I'm proud of our little shop and our first ever Cranksgiving! Curious? Here's the article:

Holiday Deals

It wouldn't be a post from a business around Thanksgiving if we didn't talk about a sale. I know the drill! If you or someone you know has been thinking about an e-bike, now might be the time!

  • Doorbuster deal - up to 60% off select models

  • Everything in the shop is discounted, bikes, trailers, accessories

  • Save even bigger by bundling bike and accessory package

Why a Pedego e-Bike?

If you haven't taken the plunge already, why should you consider a Pedego e-bike from my shop? Here are the top reasons that customers have told me they bought from us:

  • Pedego 5-year manufacturer warranty - what this means to you is that you don't have to worry about expensive components breaking. You could spend less on an e-bike, and those brands are generally warrantied for 1-2 years. If you consider that the bike is only guaranteed to last through the warranty period, Pedego cost of ownership is lower.

  • Warranty process - is you buy a bike online, you will need to work directly with the manufacturer to troubleshoot a problem and get a replacement part, and you might have to send the broken part back to them. We replace your broken parts and deal with the manufacturer on your behalf. Less hassle and less down time for you.

  • Ready to ride - Our bikes come assembled, adjusted and ready to ride (we even offer local delivery). If you buy a bike online or from a retailer (not a bike shop), you have to assemble the bike, and not everyone is comfortable doing that work on a bike capable of e-bike speeds.

  • Local service - if you buy a bike online or from a retailer that doesn't specialize in bikes, you might have trouble getting your bike serviced. Some online retailers will tell you that you can go to cany local bike shop, but they don't work with us to provide training or ability to source replacement parts.

If you made it this far, thank you for reading! Lots in store once we move into our new space, follow us on social media if you want up-to-the minute information. To be polite, I limit the number of blogs and emails we send out.

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