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Every Bike Owner's Boogeyman - Bike Thieves: Protect Your Bike From Falling Victim

There is a collective fear among E-bike owners that their precious bike will fall victim to the nefarious deeds of bike thieves. E-bikes are popular and expensive and are particularly enticing to thieves, so we understand why people are spooked. In fact, some are so spooked they don't even want to get an e-bike in the first place. Can you imagine missing out on the wind in your hair, the fresh air, seeing the sights, having fun with friends, all because of a fear of the bike boogeyman? If this is you or someone you know, we have some tips that will help keep your bike from falling victim.

Protect Your Investment:

You invested in a great bike, also invest in a good lock. It's tempting to get a cheap option after spending so much on a bike. The cheaper the lock, the easier it's going to be for thieves to pick it or cut it. If you invest in a quality e-bike, it's going to provide you fun for many years - makes sure you have it for many years!

  • U-lock or D-lock are harder to cut through

  • Steel folding locks are a great choice

  • Sturdy (thick, heavy) chains are a good choice, although not as secure as the above options

  • Cable locks can look secure, but are easily cut and are not recommended for primary security

Technique Matters:

Where and how you lock your bike is also important. Experienced thieves will look for easy targets.

  • Frist of all - lock it. Leaving it outside because you're running a quick errand is just asking for trouble.

  • Lock it in designated bike parking if you can find it.

  • If none is available, a visible and well-lit area is ideal. Lock it to something secured, such as light post, fence, tree, bench (if it's bolted down)

  • If there's no secure place to lock it, bring it with you.

  • Lock both the back wheel and frame to the secure object or bike rack.

  • If using multiple locks, you can also lock the front wheel.

  • If you have an upgraded seat or seat post, lock those to the frame or use a locking collar instead of a quick release clamp.

  • When locking it up at home - it's an inside bike. Store it in the garage if you have one, and it you don't, find a spot inside your home. Locking it overnight in a car port or on a patio is inviting disaster.

Embrace Technology:

Your e-bike represents the latest and greatest in cycling technology, doesn't it deserve the latest and greatest security?

  • Consider a bike lock with an alarm. Similar to a car alarm, they detect excessive motion and respond with a loud alarm.

  • Invest in GPS tracking. There are trackers specifically designed for bikes, or a standard mainstream tracker will also work.

  • Also invest in a way to hide or disguise it since the trackers can be easily removed if they're too obvious.

Be Prepared:

You're taking precautions to help keep your bike out of the hands of bad actors, but nothing is 100%. Taking additional precautions can help authorities recover your bike.

  • Keep your receipt that details where and when you bought your bike - you'll need to prove it's yours.

  • Record the serial number of your bike and battery and keep that information with your receipt.

  • Take photos of your bike that show the make, model, and any customizations. This of those as your bike's tattoos. Anything that makes it unique will make it easier to spot.

  • Let your insurance carrier know that you've bought an e-bike, as it could be covered as "personal property" under your homeowner's policy.

  • If you have a very nice bike or your homeowner's/renter's policy won't cover your bike, look into e-bike specific insurance. This can cover the cost of replacement or repairs if stolen or damaged.

  • If your battery is removable, take it with you if you lock your bike in bike parking for a long period of time. Such as during your shift at work if you use your bike to commute. Without the battery, the e-bike's value and appeal are significantly diminished.

Stay Updated:

  • Bad guys are constantly coming up with new tactics to remove you of your precious belongings. Keep up with them by checking with your local bike shop to keep yourself informed on new security products and methods as technology and techniques evolve.

Remember, while no security measure is foolproof, combining multiple precautions significantly reduces the risk of theft and increases likelihood of recovering the bike in the case a theft occurs. Always stay vigilant and proactive in safeguarding your e-bike.

Here in our shop, customers have become friends and we care almost as much about your bike as you do. If you ever have questions or want to learn what others are doing to safeguard their e-bikes, stop by and chat or call us.

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