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Cranksgiving is Coming to the Inland Empire! (But What on Earth is Cranksgiving?)

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

We're excited to bring Cranksgiving to the Inland Empire! But what is Cranksgiving?!? Understandably some of you have questions. Long story short, it's an event that is part group ride, part scavenger hunt, part donation drive. And a lot of fun.

From "Cranksgiving is a food drive on two wheels. Part bike ride, part food drive, and part scavenger hunt. All you need is a bike, a bag, and a lock!"

  • Started in NYC in 1999

  • 112 cities in 2019

  • Grassroots organized

There are Cranksgiving events all over the east coast, but with the exception of Los Angeles, there were no events in SoCal in 2022. With a strong cycling culture AND a strong sense of community, we think that Redlands is the perfect place for an event of this type. So we're planning the first annual Inland Empire Cranksgiving.

How Does it Work?

Cranksgiving is organized by a host, sometimes a local bike shop, someimes an individual. The organizer will choose a food pantry or other nonprofit to be the beneficiary, and will also choose collaborating businesses.

Riders meet up, receive a list of items needed, and some stops. They then ride through the route, purchasing items from the list from the shops on the route. At the end, the items are donated to the benefitting nonprofit, and then usually there is some sort of after party with food, beverages and prizes.

What About Our Event?

Have you seen Summer with her half purple hair? She's not the type to copy and paste an event for our first of its kind. We're doing a Cranksgiving with some unique touches.

  • It's important to Summer that the event include exclusively small, family, or independent businesses. (And we're getting great response from local business owners. No one if more community minded and charitable than a local small business owner.)

  • Summer has chosen to work with Family Services Association of Redlands, who she originally met at Chamber of Commerce events. Family Services Association is more than a food bank, they have personal care items, clothing and shoes, and books and toys. The center, which looks like a small Target, is run by volunteers who care deeply for their clients and love to serve the community. Something that makes Family Services Association unique is that they don't resell any items that are donated - they go directly to families in need in the area.

  • Family Services Association did an audit of their current stock and provided a detailed list of items needed, categorized by high, medium, and low priority.

  • Our event will be all ages, all abilities, and all bikes. Summer's philosophy is that all are welcome as long as they're nice.

  • Since we will have mix of standard bikes and e-bikes we are encouraging people to ride in teams - with your family or friends. You can also ride solor, or you can team up with other solo riders or small teams. (Sincerely hoping that we have enough riders in a 1st annual event to create teams.)

  • After we donate our items, we are going to grab lunch and celebrate (optional)

  • There will be an option for people who would like to participate in the donation drive, but do not ride or are busy that day. We're all about accessibility!

How Can I Participate?

There are so many generous community-minded people in our area, and also a lot of cyclists and e-bikers. We're confident that we can get a nice crowd and do some good!

  • Sign up solo or register your friends and family on our events page

  • Bring your bike (or reserve one of our rentals)

  • Also bring helmet, bag and lock

  • Plan on spending 2 hours riding 5-12 miles

  • Plan on spending $10-$20 buying donation items

  • Get ready to have some fun!

Details will be shared on our social media accounts, be sure you like and follow our pages so you know the collaborating businesses, agenda, and prizes.

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