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Biking Around: A Not-Entirely Comprehensive List of Places to E-Bike

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Updated December 7, 2023 - skip straight to the Update:

Many of our guests are getting back on a bike after not riding for a few years or more.

And many of you have questions on where you can ride. This post is designed to pull together resources and maps for cycling paths in Redlands and surrounding cities. So you can learn where you can ride your bike in your hometown, for commuting or fun, and other local adventures.

This list will expand more to include other SoCal counties, and we will add new links as we find them.

For the E-bike Commuter

Whether you bought your e-bike for traveling to/from work, to run around town errands or both, you'll likely want to know the safest way to do so. Redlands and some neighboring towns list bike paths on the city website or post a map. This is a great way to start to plan yor route. And then understand that bike paths, bike lanes, and shared roads ride very differently.

Case in point, the Class 3 bike paths in Redlands - a designated shared lane on a lower speed road that is supposed to give cyclists priority. Only thing is nobody seems to have told that to motorists - those paths don't always feel safe to ride. You might want to drive your chosen route in a car or try out your route during slow traffic times. You may also want to try a few routes before you decide on the right one for you.

We've gathered information from some local cities below. But not all post this information on their websites.

Good thing Google has you covered. There are a lot of options for apps for recreational cyclists, but finding a safe path to work hasn't always been easy. There's an overlay in Google maps, which you can find on the mobile app, which will show bike paths in your area and will help you find a safe-cycling route to work, the store, your friend's house, etc.

For the Adventurer

Maybe all you plan to do with your new bike is have fun. Or perhaps you also want to have fun. Following are some places we know you can ride locally - this is the list that we will expand. First, some places to ride specifically in the inland empire:

It is recommended that you check a specific park prior to your planned visit. Parks may restrict e-bikes entirely or relegate them to certain, non-wilderness trails. And as with any emerging trend and growing technology, regulations change frequently.

Here are some nice trails in SoCal for you to explore:

It's worth noting that the National Forest Service has designated e-bikes as "vehicles" and requires them to be ridden in the rode like motorcycles instead of on cycling paths.

A list of California State Parks that permit e-bikes. Unless on a public road, Class 2 and 3 e-bikes are not permitted. Class 1 e-bikes may be permitted by the superintendent on certain trails.

National Parks have a pretty comprehensive definition. E-bikes with motors not exceeding 750W, Class 1,2,3 are allowed in certain areas of national parks. You will need to check in advance of your planned trip, as each park will designate where an e-bike can ride. The decision is made by park superintendent and can be made at the park level, trail level, and can change depending on conditions.

We hope this inspires some riding! Please remember that this list is not comprehensive, and contains information that was accurate at the time of posting. Always check in advance before you ride, as regulations may have changed or there could be a temporary change due to weather conditions. And as always, we recommend that you ride with proper safety gear (helmet) and that you ride in a manner that is safe for other cyclists and pedestrians, ad that you respect the natural surroundings so all can enjoy. Have fun out there!


We checked with connections within the City of Redlands and are happy to report that the city does not have its own e-bike regulations, but rather follows those of the State of California. Let's all take a moment to be grateful we don't live in a wacky beach city with non-cyclists making up all kinds of regulations or outright banning e-bikes. Continue to ride safely and courteously and keep the regulations at bay.

In general:

  • You don't need a license to ride an e-bike

  • Helmets are required for Class 3 bikes (those that go faster than 20 mph)

  • Riders under the age of 16 may not ride Class 3 bikes

  • Within the city of Redlands, you can ride an e-bike wherever you can ride a regular bike. Orange Blossom Trail is a slight exception - pedal assist only (no throttle).

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